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Dates 1849-12-27/1859-12-27
Reference code PT/ABM/PCML02/001/00004
Physical location Mf. 784
Livro 9.º de registo de casamentos da Ribeira Brava (1857/1860)
Dates 1857-02-09/1860-02-20
Reference code PT/ABM/PRBR02/002/00009
Physical location Mf. 1860
Dates 1842-11-24/1859-11-26
Reference code PT/ABM/PRBR04/002/00006
Physical location Mf. 652
Dates 1851-09-21/1860-01-02
Reference code PT/ABM/PSVC03/001/00033
Physical location Mf. 787
Livro 8.º de registo de casamentos da Ribeira Brava (1842/1857)
Dates 1842-06-11/1857-01-31
Reference code PT/ABM/PRBR02/002/00008
Physical location Mf. 1859
Dates 1911-07-06/1914-11-26
Reference code PT/ABM/PRBR04/002/00059
Physical location Mf. 656
Livro de registo de casamentos do Caniço do ano de 1911
Dates 1911-01/1911-03
Reference code PT/ABM/PSCR03/002/00059
Physical location Mf. 702
Atente-se: contém dois róis de crismados.
Dates 1792/1919
Reference code PT/ABM/PSVC02/005/00004
Physical location Mf. 761
Dates 1840-06-29/1849-12-13
Reference code PT/ABM/PCML02/001/00003
Physical location Mf. 783
Dates 1835-06-06/1846-10-12
Reference code PT/ABM/PCLT07/001/00011
Physical location Mf. 703