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Registo de casamento: João Joaquim de Freitas c.c. Maria Martinho
Dates 1891/1891
Reference code PT/ABM/PFUN07/002/00040/000034
Physical location Liv. 1939, f. 18 v.º
Dates 1899/1899
Reference code PT/ABM/PFUN07/002/00048/000012
Physical location Liv. 6655 A, f. 8 v.º-9
Dates 1904/1904
Reference code PT/ABM/PFUN07/002/00053/000033
Physical location Liv. 6660 A, f. 23 v.º-24
Retrato de duas mulheres (corpo inteiro)
Dates 1890-07-20/1890-07-20
Reference code PT/ABM/VIC/R/001-001/000151
Physical location Cx.59, n.º 20
Dates 1797/1797
Reference code PT/ABM/PFUN07/002/00006/000174
Physical location Liv. 252, f. 81 v.º
Dates 1735/1735
Reference code PT/ABM/PFUN07/002/00005/000027
Physical location Liv. 251, f. 6 v.º
Dates 1828/1828
Reference code PT/ABM/PFUN08/002/00014/000257
Physical location Liv. 129, f. 107 v.º
Dates 1804/1804
Reference code PT/ABM/PFUN08/002/00011/000009
Physical location Liv. 126, f. 4 v.º
Dates 1763/1763
Reference code PT/ABM/PFUN08/002/00007/000083
Physical location Liv. 122, f. 36 v.º
Dates 1782/1782
Reference code PT/ABM/PFUN08/002/00007/000607
Physical location Liv. 122, f. 238 v.º