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Dates 1800/1800
Reference code PT/ABM/PSTN04/002/00005/000097
Physical location Liv. 685, f. 30 v.º
Dates 1694/1694
Reference code PT/ABM/PSTN04/002/00002/000256
Physical location Liv. 682, f. 63
Registo de casamento: João Fernandes dos Santos Júnior c.c. Cândida de Jesus Cunha
Dates 1903/1903
Reference code PT/ABM/PSTN04/002/00051/000008
Physical location Liv. 8387 A, f. 6-7
Dates 1910/1910
Reference code PT/ABM/PSTN04/002/00058/000010
Physical location Liv. 8394 A, f. 11-11 v.º
Dates 1862-06-22/1862-06-22
Reference code PT/ABM/PFUN07/001/00019/000054
Physical location Liv. 1876, f. 26 v.º
Registo de batismo n.º 75: João. Pai: João Gomes; Mãe: Maria dos Santos
Dates 1865-10-08/1865-10-08
Reference code PT/ABM/PFUN07/001/00022/000075
Physical location Liv. 1879, f. 39
Registo de batismo n.º 85: António. Pai: Manuel de Sousa; Mãe: Maria Júlia de Sousa
Dates 1865-10-22/1865-10-22
Reference code PT/ABM/PFUN07/001/00022/000085
Physical location Liv. 1879, f. 44
Registo de batismo n.º 99: Matilde. Pai: Francisco de Freitas; Mãe: Maria Augusta de Jesus
Dates 1866-10-07/1866-10-07
Reference code PT/ABM/PFUN07/001/00023/000099
Physical location Liv. 1880, f. 50 v.º
Dates 1870-12-27/1870-12-27
Reference code PT/ABM/PFUN07/001/00027/000129
Physical location Liv. 1884, f. 65 v.º
Dates 1874-02-17/1874-02-17
Reference code PT/ABM/PFUN07/001/00031/000030
Physical location Liv. 1888, f. 16