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Dates 1893-03-12/1893-03-12
Reference code PT/ABM/PRBR04/001/00042/000011
Physical location Liv. 3845
Dates 1893-06-25/1893-06-25
Reference code PT/ABM/PRBR04/001/00042/000035
Physical location Liv. 3845
Dates 1900-12-31/1900-12-31
Reference code PT/ABM/PRBR04/001/00049/000078
Physical location Liv. 7232
Dates 1903-01-11/1903-01-11
Reference code PT/ABM/PRBR04/001/00052/000005
Physical location Liv. 7235
Registo de batismo n.º 76: Isabel. Pai: Manuel Rodrigues; Mãe: Carolina Cândida
Dates 1910-10-23/1910-10-23
Reference code PT/ABM/PRBR04/001/00059/000076
Physical location Liv. 7242
Registo de casamento: João Pestana dos Reis c.c. Ludovina Maria
Dates 1864/1864
Reference code PT/ABM/PRBR04/002/00011/000009
Physical location Liv. 3850
Registo de casamento: José dos Santos c.c. Victorina da Conceição
Dates 1875/1875
Reference code PT/ABM/PRBR04/002/00022/000016
Physical location Liv. 3861
Registo de casamento: Manuel de Aguiar c.c. Maria de Jesus
Dates 1881/1881
Reference code PT/ABM/PRBR04/002/00028/000005
Physical location Liv. 3867
Dates 1892/1892
Reference code PT/ABM/PRBR04/002/00039/000013
Physical location Liv. 3878
Registo de casamento: Pedro Rodrigues Perucho c.c. Maria Gomes
Dates 1663/1663
Reference code PT/ABM/PRBR04/002/00001/000277
Physical location Liv. 414, f. 274