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França, João
Descriptive dates S.d.
Reference code PT/ABM/LMR/A/00001/000136
Physical location 11-17, p. 207
Nota biobibliográfica: Teixeira, Pedro Augusto Franco dos Anjos
Reference code PT/ABM/LMR/A/001/00016/000201
Physical location 10-16, p. 333-334
Nota biobibliográfica: Araújo, Maria Antónia Gomes Nóbrega
Descriptive dates S.d.
Reference code PT/ABM/LMR/A/001/00001/000160
Physical location 1-1, p. 304
Nota biobibliográfica: Câmara, José Joaquim Bettencourt da, general
Reference code PT/ABM/LMR/A/001/00002/000130
Physical location 1-2, p. 196
Nota biobibliográfica: Andrade, Mário
Reference code PT/ABM/LMR/A/001/00011/000118
Physical location 6-11, p. 177
Santos, Jaime Vieira dos
Descriptive dates S.d.
Reference code PT/ABM/LMR/A/00001/000329
Physical location 11-17, p. 167-169
Dates 1962/1963
Reference code PT/ABM/EALFUN/C/004/0007
Physical location 4-13
Dates 1963/1964
Reference code PT/ABM/EALFUN/C/004/0008
Physical location 4-14
Dates 1964/1965
Reference code PT/ABM/EALFUN/C/004/0009
Physical location 4-15
Dates 1971/1972
Reference code PT/ABM/EALFUN/C/004/0011
Physical location 4-17