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Dates 1975-01/1975-12
Reference code PT/ABM/LJM/B-A/035/00010
Physical location D4/B23/E6/PD/145
Dates 1955-08/1959-09
Reference code PT/ABM/LJM/B-A/019/00008
Physical location D4/B23/E6/PB/99-4
Dates 1958-02/1958-08
Reference code PT/ABM/LJM/B-A/019/00009
Physical location D4/B23/E6/PB/100-1
Dates 1966-12/1967-12
Reference code PT/ABM/LJM/B-A/019/00016
Physical location D4/B23/E6/PB/102
Dates 1919-10/1923-11
Reference code PT/ABM/LJM/B-B/010/00001
Physical location D4/B23/E7/PD/289
Dates 1976-01/1976-12
Reference code PT/ABM/LJM/B-A/019/00028
Physical location D4/B23/E6/PC/114
Dates 1962-06/1964-06
Reference code PT/ABM/LJM/B-A/026/00003
Physical location D4/B23/E7/PB/199
Dates 1943-01/1947-12
Reference code PT/ABM/LJM/B-C/006/00013
Physical location D4/B23/E8/PD/331
Dates 1947-02/1949-05
Reference code PT/ABM/LJM/B-C/006/00016
Physical location D4/B23/E8/PD/334
Dates 1937/1939
Reference code PT/ABM/CMFUN/L-H/007/00001
Physical location 3966-1