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Record not reviewed.
Dates 1890/1890
Reference code PT/ABM/PSTN02/002/00040/000008
Physical location Liv. 5916
Record not reviewed.
Dates 1819/1819
Reference code PT/ABM/PSTN02/002/00007/000124
Physical location Liv. 738, f. 33
Record not reviewed.
Dates 1790/1790
Reference code PT/ABM/PSTN02/002/00006/000124
Physical location Liv. 737, f. 30
Record not reviewed.
Outras informações: À margem «Manuel de Freitas de Miranda» como o sobrenome do pai.
Dates 1763/1763
Reference code PT/ABM/PSTN02/002/00005/000075
Physical location Liv. 736, f. 28
Record not reviewed.
Reference code PT/ABM/PSTN02/002/00004/000005
Physical location Liv. 735
Record not reviewed.
Dates 1702/1702
Reference code PT/ABM/PSTN02/002/00004/000015
Physical location Liv. 735, f. 4
Record not reviewed.
Dates 1716/1716
Reference code PT/ABM/PSTN02/002/00004/000085
Physical location Liv. 735, f. 18
Record not reviewed.
Dates 1675/1675
Reference code PT/ABM/PSTN02/002/00003/000123
Physical location Liv. 723, f. 165
Record not reviewed.
Outras informações: No texto «Sorea».
Dates 1649/1649
Reference code PT/ABM/PSTN02/002/00002/000133
Physical location Liv. 722, f. 81 v.º
Record not reviewed.
Dates 1900/1900
Reference code PT/ABM/PSTN02/002/00050/000019
Physical location Liv. 8330 A