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Dates 1864-08-07/1864-08-07
Reference code PT/ABM/PFUN09/001/00015/000037
Physical location Liv. 1776
Dates 1868-04-12/1868-04-12
Reference code PT/ABM/PFUN09/001/00019/000017
Physical location Liv. 1780
Dates 1876-07-16/1876-07-16
Reference code PT/ABM/PFUN09/001/00027/000060
Physical location Liv. 1788
Dates 1879-05-04/1879-05-04
Reference code PT/ABM/PFUN09/001/00030/000043
Physical location Liv. 1791
Dates 1884-10-26/1884-10-26
Reference code PT/ABM/PFUN09/001/00035/000071
Physical location Liv. 1796
Dates 1888-09-23/1888-09-23
Reference code PT/ABM/PFUN09/001/00039/000054
Physical location Liv. 1800
Dates 1889-07-14/1889-07-14
Reference code PT/ABM/PFUN09/001/00040/000044
Physical location Liv. 1801
Dates 1889-07-14/1889-07-14
Reference code PT/ABM/PFUN09/001/00040/000045
Physical location Liv. 1801
Registo de casamento: Joaquim Rodrigues c.c. Júlia Cândida de Jesus
Dates 1861/1861
Reference code PT/ABM/PFUN09/002/00008/000006
Physical location Liv. 1807
Registo de casamento: António João c.c. Maria Rosa Jardim
Dates 1863/1863
Reference code PT/ABM/PFUN09/002/00010/000020
Physical location Liv. 1809