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Dates 1899/1899
Reference code PT/ABM/PFUN06/002/00047/000012
Physical location Liv. 6601 A
Dates 1901/1901
Reference code PT/ABM/PFUN06/002/00049/000004
Physical location Liv. 6603 A
Dates 1904/1904
Reference code PT/ABM/PFUN06/002/00052/000036
Physical location Liv. 6606 A
Dates 1910/1910
Reference code PT/ABM/PFUN06/002/00058/000004
Physical location Liv. 6612 A
Outras informações: Filho natural.
Dates 1862-10-20/1862-10-20
Reference code PT/ABM/PSTN04/001/00018/000062
Physical location Liv. 5956
Registo de batismo n.º 63: Manuel. Pai: Manuel Fernandes de Andrade; Mãe: Maria Augusta
Dates 1868-11-01/1868-11-01
Reference code PT/ABM/PSTN04/001/00024/000063
Physical location Liv. 5962
Outras informações: Filho segundo do nome.
Dates 1870-05-03/1870-05-03
Reference code PT/ABM/PSTN04/001/00026/000031
Physical location Liv. 5964
Dates 1871-11-26/1871-11-26
Reference code PT/ABM/PSTN04/001/00027/000067
Physical location Liv. 5965
Dates 1873-03-30/1873-03-30
Reference code PT/ABM/PSTN04/001/00029/000021
Physical location Liv. 5967
Dates 1873-05-16/1873-05-16
Reference code PT/ABM/PSTN04/001/00029/000030
Physical location Liv. 5967