We preserve and appraise Madeira’s Documented Cultural Heritage.

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Dates 1980-11/1981-06
Reference code PT/ABM/EMPFUN/B-A/017/00016
Physical location 87
Dates 1981-07/1981-12
Reference code PT/ABM/EMPFUN/B-A/017/00017
Physical location 88
Dates 1982-01/1982-07
Reference code PT/ABM/EMPFUN/B-A/017/00018
Physical location 89
Dates 1982-01/1982-12
Reference code PT/ABM/EMPFUN/B-A/017/00020
Physical location 91
Dates 1983-01/1982-03
Reference code PT/ABM/EMPFUN/B-A/017/00021
Physical location 92
Dates 1984-01/1984-03
Reference code PT/ABM/EMPFUN/B-A/017/00022
Physical location 93-1
Dates 1986-01/1986-06
Reference code PT/ABM/EMPFUN/B-A/017/00023
Physical location 93-2
Dates 1986-06/1986-12
Reference code PT/ABM/EMPFUN/B-A/017/00024
Physical location 93-3
Dates 1987-08/1987-12
Reference code PT/ABM/EMPFUN/B-A/017/00025
Physical location 93-4
Dates 1988-01/1989-06
Reference code PT/ABM/EMPFUN/B-A/017/00026
Physical location 94-1