We preserve and appraise Madeira’s Documented Cultural Heritage.

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Dates 1964-01/1965-12
Reference code PT/ABM/EMPFUN/B-A/017/00005
Physical location 75-7
Dates 1966-01/1967-01
Reference code PT/ABM/EMPFUN/B-A/017/00006
Physical location 75-8
Dates 1969-01/1969-12
Reference code PT/ABM/EMPFUN/B-A/017/00008
Physical location 79
Dates 1970-01/1970-12
Reference code PT/ABM/EMPFUN/B-A/017/00009
Physical location 80
Dates 1971-01/1971-12
Reference code PT/ABM/EMPFUN/B-A/017/00010
Physical location 81
Dates 1972-01/1972-12
Reference code PT/ABM/EMPFUN/B-A/017/00011
Physical location 82
Dates 1974-01/1974-12
Reference code PT/ABM/EMPFUN/B-A/017/00012
Physical location 83
Dates 1975-01/1976-12
Reference code PT/ABM/EMPFUN/B-A/017/00013
Physical location 84
Dates 1977-01/1978-12
Reference code PT/ABM/EMPFUN/B-A/017/00014
Physical location 85
Dates 1979-01/1981-12
Reference code PT/ABM/EMPFUN/B-A/017/00015
Physical location 86