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Marca: Austin. Registo do veículo cancelado em 1943-01-27.
Dates 1930-07/1943-01
Reference code PT/ABM/DSIEV/G-A/002-001/00440
Physical location 809-8
Marca: Ford.
Dates 1929-07
Reference code PT/ABM/DSIEV/G-A/002-001/00383
Physical location 805-5
Marca: Fiat. Registo do veículo cancelado em 1959-01-15.
Dates 1930-10/1959-02
Reference code PT/ABM/DSIEV/G-A/002-001/00459
Physical location 810-12
Marca: Fiat.
Dates 1929-08
Reference code PT/ABM/DSIEV/G-A/002-001/00389
Physical location 806-11
Marca: Chevrolet. Registo do veículo cancelado em 1943-09-13.
Dates 1930-04/1943-09
Reference code PT/ABM/DSIEV/G-A/002-001/00432
Physical location 808-19
Marca: Ford.
Dates 1935-02
Reference code PT/ABM/DSIEV/G-A/002-001/00646
Physical location 824-10
Marca: Hillman Minx.
Dates 1935-05
Reference code PT/ABM/DSIEV/G-A/002-001/00663
Physical location 825-9
Marca: Willys. Registo do veículo cancelado em 1958-01-27.
Dates 1935-03/1958-01
Reference code PT/ABM/DSIEV/G-A/002-001/00652
Physical location 824-16
Marca: Chevrolet. Registo do veículo cancelado em 1948-06-24.
Dates 1935-04/1948-06
Reference code PT/ABM/DSIEV/G-A/002-001/00658
Physical location 825-4
Marca: GMC. Registo do veículo cancelado em 1941-08-01.
Dates 1930-06/1941-08
Reference code PT/ABM/DSIEV/G-A/002-001/00437
Physical location 809-5