We preserve and appraise Madeira’s Documented Cultural Heritage.

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Dates 1966/1968
Reference code PT/ABM/DSIEV/G-A/005-001/00522
Physical location 1324
Dates 1947/1969
Reference code PT/ABM/DSIEV/G-A/005-001/00521
Physical location 1130
Dates 1933/1962
Reference code PT/ABM/DSIEV/G-A/005-001/00524
Physical location 1134
Dates 1934/1976
Reference code PT/ABM/DSIEV/G-A/005-001/00525
Physical location 1135
Dates 1966/1972
Reference code PT/ABM/DSIEV/G-A/005-001/00530
Physical location 1326
Dates 1968/1973
Reference code PT/ABM/DSIEV/G-A/005-001/00532
Physical location 1395
Dates 1950/1950
Reference code PT/ABM/DSIEV/G-A/005-001/00533
Physical location 1302-5
Dates 1949/1962
Reference code PT/ABM/DSIEV/G-A/005-001/00539
Physical location 1144
Dates 1948/1964
Reference code PT/ABM/DSIEV/G-A/005-001/00540
Physical location 1145
Dates 1958/1959
Reference code PT/ABM/DSIEV/G-A/005-001/00542
Physical location 1271-1