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Dates 1934/1972
Reference code PT/ABM/DSIEV/G-A/005-001/00701
Physical location 1210
Dates 1957/1957
Reference code PT/ABM/DSIEV/G-A/005-001/00705
Physical location 1211
Dates 1948/1954
Reference code PT/ABM/DSIEV/G-A/005-001/00706
Physical location 1212
Dates 1947/1951
Reference code PT/ABM/DSIEV/G-A/005-001/00707
Physical location 1201-3

Composed documentTVR

Dates 1965/1965
Reference code PT/ABM/DSIEV/G-A/005-001/00708
Physical location 1313
Retratos de António M. Gonçalves e de Eduardo A. de Jesus (meio corpo)
Dates 1938-03-08/1938-03-08
Reference code PT/ABM/VIC/R/001-028/00001
Physical location Cx. 68, n.º 2
Proprietária: Matilde da Silva Gaspar.
Dates 1936-11-05
Reference code PT/ABM/DSIEV/E/001/00006
Physical location 84
Proprietário: Alfredo Ponte da Costa.
Dates 1936-11-02
Reference code PT/ABM/DSIEV/E/001/00007
Physical location 84
Proprietário: Artur Borges e Manuel Rodrigues Terra Boa.
Dates 1936-11-07
Reference code PT/ABM/DSIEV/E/001/00008
Physical location 84
Proprietário: José Rocha de Gouveia.
Dates 1936-11
Reference code PT/ABM/DSIEV/E/001/00010
Physical location 84