We preserve and appraise Madeira’s Documented Cultural Heritage.

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Dates 1962/1964
Reference code PT/ABM/DSIEV/G-A/005-004/00073
Physical location 1525-1
Dates 1963/1966
Reference code PT/ABM/DSIEV/G-A/005-004/00074
Physical location 1526-6
Dates 1950/1953
Reference code PT/ABM/DSIEV/G-A/005-004/00075
Physical location 1526-1
Dates 1967/1967
Reference code PT/ABM/DSIEV/G-A/005-004/00076
Physical location 1528-6
Dates 1952/1952
Reference code PT/ABM/DSIEV/G-A/005-004/00077
Physical location 1526-3
Dates 1955/1955
Reference code PT/ABM/DSIEV/G-A/005-004/00078
Physical location 1526-4
Dates 1967/1969
Reference code PT/ABM/DSIEV/G-A/005-004/00079
Physical location 1528-1
Dates 1959/1959
Reference code PT/ABM/DSIEV/G-A/005-004/00080
Physical location 1527-2
Dates 1959/1959
Reference code PT/ABM/DSIEV/G-A/005-004/00081
Physical location 1527-3

Composed documentMLS

Dates 1955/1963
Reference code PT/ABM/DSIEV/G-A/005-004/00082
Physical location 1527-4