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Dates 1863-07-19/1863-07-19
Reference code PT/ABM/PRBR02/001/00023/000062
Physical location Liv. 3611
Dates 1863-07-19/1863-07-19
Reference code PT/ABM/PRBR02/001/00023/000063
Physical location Liv. 3611
Dates 1863-08-03/1863-08-03
Reference code PT/ABM/PRBR02/001/00023/000069
Physical location Liv. 3611
Outras informações: À margem «João Rodrigue Bozé».
Dates 1727/1727
Reference code PT/ABM/PFUN07/002/00004/000301
Physical location Liv. 241, f. 69
Dates 1729/1729
Reference code PT/ABM/PFUN08/002/00006/000210
Physical location Liv. 121, f. 53 v.º
Dates 1869/1869
Reference code PT/ABM/PFUN08/002/00026/000018
Physical location Liv. 1407
Dates 1895/1895
Reference code PT/ABM/PFUN08/002/00052/000026
Physical location Liv. 6813 A
Dates 1574/1574
Reference code PT/ABM/PFUN08/002/00001/000049
Physical location Liv. 92, f. 87 v.º
Dates 1853-07-01/1853-07-01
Reference code PT/ABM/PFUN08/002/00016/000175
Physical location Liv. 1253
Dates 1814/1814
Reference code PT/ABM/PFUN07/002/00007/000206
Physical location Liv. 253, f. 88 v.º